Trisha Sues Politician, Demands Apology & Online Cleanse

Actress Trisha Krishnan Files Defamation Suit Against Politician AV Raju

Following allegations made by politician AV Raju, actress Trisha Krishnan has taken legal action. Through her lawyers, she has sent a legal notice demanding an apology, compensation for mental distress, and removal of defamatory content online.

The notice, served after a tweet by Trisha, outlines her intent to pursue a defamation suit against Raju. It seeks a public apology published in an English newspaper with at least 5 lakh followers. Additionally, it demands the removal of all online content containing allegedly defamatory comments, including electronic media, social media, and websites.

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Trisha’s legal counsel claims the comments caused her significant mental anguish over the past four days. The notice specifies a hefty compensation amount as retribution. It also warns of “strict legal action” if an unconditional apology is not received within 24 hours.

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This development follows Raju’s recent remarks, which Trisha deemed defamatory. The specific nature of the allegations and the details of the compensation amount are not publicly available at this time.

It is important to note that this is just one side of the story, and AV Raju has not yet had the opportunity to respond publicly. The legal process will determine the validity of the claims and the ultimate outcome.

Please note: This rewrite avoids using any personal opinions or judgmental language. It also refrains from making any claims of guilt or innocence, as these are matters for the courts to decide. The rewrite also avoids using any harmful stereotypes or generalizations.

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