Shanmukh’s Ganja Test Confirmed

Shanmukh’s Drug Test Confirms Ganja Consumption Amid Allegations

Big news has emerged in the ongoing controversy involving Bigg Boss fame and YouTuber Shanmukh Jaswant. Medical tests have confirmed that Shanmukh Jaswant had consumed ganja, leading to his detention by the police. This development adds another layer to the saga that began when a girl lodged a complaint against his brother, Sampath, resulting in both siblings being detained and interrogated.

Shanmukh's Ganja Test Confirmed
Shanmukh's Ganja Test Confirmed

The situation took a surprising turn during the police investigation when he and his brother were found in possession of drugs related to the cheating case. Shanmukh’s urine sample tested positive for ganja, prompting the police to proceed with legal action against him.

The controversy stems from allegations made by a young woman named Mounika from Visakha against his brothers. Mounika accuses Sampath of deceitfully engaging in a relationship with her and physically abusing her under the false promise of marriage. She filed a complaint against Sampath, revealing disturbing details of the alleged abuse, including threats to release her personal photos.

Following Mounika’s complaint, the police conducted a search at his residence in Nanakramguda, where marijuana was discovered. Narsinghi ACP Ramana Goud confirmed the seizure of drugs and the registration of cases against Sampath for cheating and molestation based on Mounika’s allegations. The investigation also implicated Shanmukh in the possession of 16 grams of ganja, leading to his detention and the confirmation of drug consumption through medical tests.

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