Work from Home Jobs in India with Shorelight Careers

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Shorelight work from home jobs

Are you seeking remote work opportunities in India? Look no further! Shorelight Careers is currently hiring for the role of Staff Accountant, and they welcome applications from Commerce graduates, including BCOM, MCOM, and MBA candidates. Read on to discover more about these enticing “Work from Home Jobs.

Shorelight work from home jobs
Work from Home Jobs in India with Shorelight Careers

Overview of Shorelight Careers, Work from Home

Company: Shorelight Work from Home
Role: Staff Accountant
Qualification: Commerce Graduate (BCOM, MCOM, MBA)
Experience: 1-3 years
Location: Remote office hiring in Gurgaon, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, and Manesar
Salary: INR 4 Lakh – 6 Lakh per annum


About Shorelight Company

Shorelight is an education company with a profound commitment to providing international students access to higher education opportunities in the United States. Established in 2013 and headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts, Shorelight collaborates closely with universities to offer a range of support services. These include recruitment, admissions, English language programs, and cultural integration, all designed to enhance the educational experience for international students.

Shorelight’s mission is to facilitate a seamless transition for international students into U.S. academic institutions. By doing so, they empower these students to pursue their educational and career aspirations while fostering global diversity and cultural exchange within American campuses.

Work from Home Staff Accountant Responsibilities

As a Staff Accountant in the “Work from Home” setup, you will be responsible for a range of financial tasks essential to the company’s operations. Your key responsibilities include:

1. Financial Reporting: Prepare comprehensive financial statements, including balance sheets, income statements, and cash flow statements, to provide an accurate overview of the company’s financial health.

2. Bookkeeping: Record and meticulously maintain financial transactions, such as accounts payable, accounts receivable, and general ledger entries, using accounting software or manual methods.

3. Account Reconciliation: Regularly reconcile accounts to ensure that financial records align with bank statements and other financial documents, identifying and rectifying discrepancies.

4. Tax Compliance: Assist in tax preparation and compliance by ensuring accurate documentation, managing tax records, and staying updated on tax regulations to minimize tax liabilities.

5. Financial Analysis: Conduct in-depth financial analysis and provide valuable insights into financial performance, budget variances, and cost-saving opportunities to support management’s decision-making process.

Skills Required for Work from Home Jobs

To excel in these “Work from Home” Staff Accountant roles, you’ll need the following skills:

1. Financial Acumen: Possess a robust knowledge of accounting principles, financial regulations, and reporting standards, including a deep understanding of generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP).

2. Attention to Detail: Demonstrate a high degree of precision and accuracy, which is essential for maintaining financial records, reconciling accounts, and identifying discrepancies.

3. Analytical Skills: Exhibit the ability to analyze financial data, detect trends, and draw meaningful insights to support financial decision-making and strategy.

4. Communication: Communicate effectively, both in written and verbal forms, as it is crucial for explaining financial information to non-financial stakeholders and collaborating with team members and auditors.

5. Problem-solving: Display the capacity to identify financial issues or discrepancies and develop effective solutions or recommendations to address them. This ensures the financial health and compliance of the organization.

If you’re a Commerce graduate with a penchant for numbers and a desire to work from the comfort of your home, Shorelight Careers’ Staff Accountant role could be the perfect opportunity for you. Don’t miss out on the chance to embark on a rewarding career path while enjoying the flexibility of “Work from Home Jobs” in India. Apply today!


The Recruitment Information Provided above is for Informational Purposes only. The above Recruitment Information has been taken from the official site of the Organization. We do not provide any Recruitment guarantee. Recruitment is to be done as per the official recruitment process of the company. We don’t charge any fee for providing this job Information.

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