Work from Home Jobs in India with Altudo Careers, Apply now!

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Altudo Careers work from home jobs

Are you in search of rewarding work from home jobs in India? Look no further! Altudo, a renowned customer experience design and technology consultancy, is currently hiring for the position of Sales Development Representative. This is an excellent opportunity for graduates, whether you’re just starting your career or have up to three years of experience.

Altudo Careers work from home jobs
Work from Home Jobs in India with Altudo Careers

Altudo Careers – Work from Home Jobs: A Brief Overview

– Company: Altudo Work from Home

– Role: Sales Development Representative

– Qualification: Any Graduate

– Experience: 0-3 years

– Location: Remote Work From Home

– Salary: 4 LPA – 6 LPA


About Altudo

Altudo is a leading player in the realm of crafting exceptional digital experiences for businesses. Their expertise lies in personalization, marketing automation, and data-driven insights. Altudo empowers companies to engage and captivate their customers across various digital channels. They achieve this by harnessing cutting-edge technology and strategic prowess, allowing clients to optimize customer journeys and spur growth through tailor-made, meaningful interactions at every touchpoint.

Altudo Work from Home – Sales Development Representative Responsibilities

If you’re considering this work from home job as a Sales Development Representative, here’s what you’ll be doing:

– Prospecting: Actively research and pinpoint potential customers or target accounts through diverse channels like online research, social media, and company databases.

– Lead Generation: Cultivate and maintain a robust pipeline of leads by reaching out to potential customers through cold calls, emails, and various outreach methods. Your goal is to generate genuine interest in the company’s products and services.

– Qualification: Assess lead suitability by asking qualifying questions, ensuring they align with the company’s ideal customer profile and exhibit a genuine need or interest.

– Appointment Setting: Once a lead is deemed qualified, your role includes scheduling appointments, demos, or meetings with the sales team or Account Executives for further engagement.

– Follow-up: Stay engaged with leads who’ve shown initial interest but aren’t ready to make a purchase. Nurture these relationships until prospects become more sales-ready.

Skills Required for Altudo Work from Home Jobs

For success in these work from home jobs with Altudo, you’ll need the following skills:

– Communication Skills: Strong verbal and written communication abilities are crucial. You’ll use these skills to engage with potential leads via phone calls, emails, and other outreach methods. Clear and persuasive communication is key to generating interest and building rapport.

– Active Listening: Mastering the art of active listening is essential for understanding a prospect’s needs, pain points, and objections. You should be adept at asking pertinent questions and attentively listening to responses, enabling you to tailor your messaging effectively.

– Persistence and Resilience: Rejection is part and parcel of the SDR role. Hence, you must possess the resilience to handle rejection while maintaining a positive attitude. Persistence is your ally for continued outreach and lead generation.

– Research Skills: Being proficient in researching potential leads and accounts is a must. You’ll use various online tools and sources to gather information about prospects, their industries, and their pain points. This research helps personalize outreach and showcase value effectively.

– Time Management: Effective time management skills are indispensable. SDRs often juggle numerous leads and tasks simultaneously. Thus, you’ll need these skills to prioritize outreach efforts, follow-ups, and administrative tasks efficiently.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to secure a rewarding work from home job with Altudo. Apply today and embark on a fulfilling career as a Sales Development Representative.


The Recruitment Information Provided above is for Informational Purposes only. The above Recruitment Information has been taken from the official site of the Organization. We do not provide any Recruitment guarantee. Recruitment is to be done as per the official recruitment process of the company. We don’t charge any fee for providing this job Information.

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