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Extuent work from home jobs

Are you looking for work from home jobs? Extuent Careers is currently hiring for the role of HR specialist, and the best part is, that it’s a work-from-home opportunity. This position is open to candidates with various educational backgrounds, including Any Graduate and BCOM. Whether you’re a fresh graduate or have up to 3 years of experience, you can apply for this remote position.

Extuent work from home jobs
Work from Home Jobs in India: Extuent Careers Offering HR Specialist Role

Overview of Work from Home Jobs at Extuent Careers

– Company: Extuent Work from Home

– Role: HR Specialist

– Qualification: Any Graduate, BCOM

– Experience: 0-3 years

– Location: Remote Work From Home

– Salary: 3 LPA – 6 LPA


About Extuent Company

Extuent is a forward-thinking platform dedicated to shaping the future of the workplace. Leveraging Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Cloud Technologies, Extuent connects businesses with skilled global teams, fostering a distributed workforce. This approach not only benefits companies but also enhances economic opportunities for talent worldwide. Our ultimate goal is to become the largest distributed workplace globally.

Extuent’s innovative use of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Cloud Technologies empowers businesses to form global remote teams while simultaneously improving economic prospects for talented individuals across the globe.

HR Specialist Responsibilities for Work from Home Jobs at Extuent Careers

  1. Recruitment and Staffing: HR specialists at Extuent Careers are responsible for the end-to-end recruitment process, from sourcing and screening candidates to conducting interviews and facilitating the onboarding of new employees. They play a crucial role in selecting the most suitable candidates for open positions and oversee their orientation and training.
  1. Employee Relations: HR specialists act as mediators, resolving employee disputes and conflicts. They offer guidance on workplace policies and procedures, ensuring adherence to labour laws and regulations. Additionally, they may lead investigations into employee complaints and grievances.
  1. Benefits Administration: Managing employee benefits programs is another vital aspect of this role. HR specialists assist employees with benefits enrollment, address inquiries, and collaborate with benefit providers to ensure smooth administration. This includes health insurance, retirement plans, and other perks.
  1. Performance Management: HR specialists contribute to the development and implementation of performance appraisal systems. This entails setting performance goals, conducting regular evaluations, and providing constructive feedback to support employees’ growth and development.
  1. Compliance and Record-Keeping: Accurate record-keeping and compliance with labour laws and regulations are paramount. HR specialists handle tasks related to payroll, tax reporting, and documentation, which are crucial for legal and financial purposes.

Skills Required for Work from Home Jobs at Extuent Careers

  1. Communication Skills: Effective communication is a cornerstone of HR roles. HR specialists must communicate clearly and empathetically with employees, managers, and job candidates. This includes active listening, conflict resolution, and the ability to convey complex information concisely.
  1. Interpersonal Skills: Building and nurturing positive relationships with employees is essential. HR specialists should be approachable and capable of establishing trust, making employees feel comfortable discussing workplace concerns and seeking guidance.
  1. Problem-Solving and Decision-Making: HR specialists often encounter complex situations and conflicts. Strong problem-solving skills are indispensable for identifying issues, evaluating options, and making informed decisions that align with company policies and legal requirements.
  1. Organizational Skills: Given the volume of paperwork, documentation, and data management involved, effective organizational skills are a must. HR specialists must maintain accurate records, manage schedules, and ensure compliance with HR processes and regulations.
  1. Knowledge of Employment Laws: A solid grasp of employment laws and regulations is crucial. HR specialists must stay updated with labor laws, anti-discrimination regulations, and other relevant statutes to ensure the organization’s policies and practices comply with legal requirements.

If you’re looking for a Work from Home Jobs and have the qualifications and skills mentioned above, consider applying for the HR specialist position at Extuent Careers. Join us in shaping the future of the workplace while enjoying the flexibility of remote work.


The Recruitment Information Provided above is for Informational Purposes only. The above Recruitment Information has been taken from the official site of the Organization. We do not provide any Recruitment guarantee. Recruitment is to be done as per the official recruitment process of the company. We don’t charge any fee for providing this job Information.

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