Read your horoscope today

Aries - Be mindful of words and actions. Avoid arguments. Lucky color: red. Lucky number: 9.

Taurus - Focus on finances. Be careful not to overspend. Lucky color: pink. Lucky number: 2.

Gemini - Connect with others. Make new connections. Lucky color: yellow. Lucky number: 3.

Cancer - Relax and recharge. Take some time for yourself. Lucky color: silver. Lucky number: 4.

Leo - Be creative. Express yourself in new ways. Lucky color: orange. Lucky number: 5.

Virgo - Focus on health. Eat healthy, exercise, sleep well. Lucky color: green. Lucky number: 6.

Libra - Be kind to yourself. Surround yourself with positive people. Lucky color: blue. Lucky number: 7.

Scorpio - Be assertive. Stand up for yourself and your beliefs. Lucky color: purple. Lucky number: 8.

Sagittarius - Be optimistic. Set your sights high. Lucky color: brown. Lucky number: 9.

Capricorn - Be practical. Think ahead and plan for the future. Lucky color: white. Lucky number: 10.

Aquarius - Be spontaneous. Let loose and have some fun. Lucky color: black. Lucky number: 11.

Pisces - Be compassionate. Show your loved ones how much you care. Lucky color: teal. Lucky number: 12.