Sivakarthikeyan Goes to Space in Ayalaan: Exciting or Just OK?

Sivakarthikeyan Ventures into Sci-Fi with Ayalaan: Promises Spectacle, But Does it Spark Emotion?

Sivakarthikeyan, known for his romantic and action movies, is trying something new in Ayalaan. This movie, coming out in Tamil and Telugu during Sankranthi, is all about an alien who needs help from humans. But does the trailer make us super excited, or is it just meh?


Sivakarthikeyan’s upcoming venture, “Ayalaan,” marks a significant departure from his usual repertoire of romantic dramas and action-packed thrillers. This time, the scene is prepared for an engrossing science fiction story that promises to transport viewers beyond our solar system. Scheduled to hit screens in Tamil and Telugu during the Sankranthi festivities, this film introduces us to an extraterrestrial being seeking aid amidst the cosmos. However, as the trailer unfolds, one wonders: does it evoke the excitement expected from a groundbreaking sci-fi endeavor, or does it leave one yearning for more depth and emotional resonance?

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At first glance, the trailer of “Ayalaan” presents a visual extravaganza that’s hard to ignore. It teases us with glimpses of a mesmerizingly designed alien, slickly choreographed action sequences, and awe-inspiring landscapes that transport viewers to distant worlds. Complementing these striking visuals is the legendary A.R. Rahman’s musical score, which hints at an immersive and magical cinematic experience. The promise of a visually captivating adventure is undeniably at the heart of this trailer.


What We Saw:

The trailer looks amazing! There are cool aliens and awesome action scenes, and the movie looks really pretty. Plus, the music by A.R. Rahman makes it even cooler.

Feelings Missing?

It appears fantastic, yet there seems to be a missing element. The trailer is mostly action, and we see Sivakarthikeyan doing his funny stuff and Rakul Preet Singh being graceful. But we don’t feel much for the alien or why it needs help.

Great Actors!

The movie has a bunch of really good actors like Sharad Kelkar, Isha Koppikar, Bhanu Priya, and Yogi Babu. They might add some fun and make the story more interesting.

The Bottom Line:

Ayalaan seems like it could be a big hit. It has cool visuals, a neat story, and a great cast. But will it be more than just action? Will it make us really feel for the characters and their struggles? We shall have to wait and find out!

It comes out on January 12th with other movies like Guntur Kaaram and HanuMan. Are you excited to see Sivakarthikeyan in space? Tell me in the comments below!

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