Pindam Review: Delving into the Haunted

Unveiling “Pindam”: A Haunting Journey into Familiar Horrors

Pindam Review

What’s the Fuss About?

“Pindam” thrusts us into a 1990s setup, where a Christian family relocates to the remote village of Suklapet, hoping for a fresh start. Their new home, an isolated house in a desolate area, becomes a stage for eerie occurrences and paranormal encounters. As the family grapples with inexplicable events, particularly their youngest daughter Tara’s possession, the story unfolds, delving into the family’s struggle and the intervention of a spiritual healer, Annamma.


Acting Prowess

Child actors Chaitra Peddi and Leisha Surampudi shine with their natural performances, adding depth to their roles. Kushee Ravi portrays Mary’s character with an organic flair, while Eeswari Rao fits seamlessly into the role of the spiritual guide. Sriram delivers a solid performance, contributing to the overall intensity demanded by the storyline.

Behind the Scenes

While the film maintains a haunting atmosphere, the writing falls short, affecting the narrative flow. The direction succeeds in creating a chilling ambiance, complemented by effective sound effects and camera work. However, pacing issues make the movie feel prolonged, hampering its engagement factor. The editing could have tightened the storyline, enhancing the overall impact.

Hits and Misses

The film excels in delivering spine-chilling moments, especially through Baby Tara’s scenes. However, it falters with a dragged narrative, gory flashbacks, and a predictable climax, hindering the overall experience. The familiar storyline, although well-executed at times, lacks the punch needed to elevate the film beyond its clich├ęs.

The Verdict

“Pindam” beckons to the horror aficionados with its atmospheric setting and hair-raising sequences. Yet, it falls short due to its sluggish pace and lack of substantial storytelling. While Baby Chaitra’s performance stands out, the film doesn’t quite live up to its potential. For die-hard horror enthusiasts seeking intense moments, it might be worth a try. However, others might find this routine horror drama a pass. Notably, the film’s disclaimer rightly cautions pregnant women to steer clear.

Final Rating

“Pindam” scores a 2.25/5.

A film tailor-made for ardent horror fans but might not resonate with a broader audience.


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