KK Radhamohan Skips “Odhela 2”

Why KK Radhamohan Isn’t Producing “Odhela 2”

Fans of the movie “Odhela Railway Station” were surprised to learn that KK Radhamohan, the producer of the first film, won’t be involved in the sequel, “Odhela 2.” While director Sampath Nandi is attached to the project as both producer and directorial supervisor, many wondered why Radhamohan wasn’t returning.

Here’s the answer straight from the producer himself:

Busy Schedule Leads to Change in Hands:

Radhamohan, speaking during the promotion of his latest film “Bhimaa,” explained that his busy production schedule led to the decision. He typically produces one movie per year, but currently has several projects in different stages:

Upcoming Releases: The Gopichand-starrer “Bhimaa” is ready for release, and the Hindi film “Ruslaan” featuring Ayush Sharma is nearing completion.
Future Projects: He’s also set to begin production on Bellamkonda Srinivas’ next film in April.
Given this packed schedule, Radhamohan says director Sampath Nandi “felt that he would go with another producer” for “Odhela 2.” However, he maintains a close connection with the director: “Whenever Sampath Nandi writes a script, he first asks me if I would like to produce it, and only after I say yes/no, the director would move to other producers.”

Focus on “Bhimaa” Release:

While he won’t be producing “Odhela 2,” Radhamohan is currently focused on ensuring a successful release for “Bhimaa.” He expressed his confidence in the film and believes that Gopichand will deliver a stellar performance.

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