Hi Nanna: Review, A Emotional Family Drama

Emotional Family Drama: Hi Nanna

Emotional Family Drama Hi Nanna Review

“Hi Nanna is a touching family story with Nani playing a single dad to a spirited daughter. When his daughter, Mahii, pushes to know about her mom, Viraj sets a tough challenge. Things change when Yashna steps into their lives. Here’s the scoop on this heartfelt drama!

What’s Great:
– The storyline is emotional and engaging. Mrunal Thakur shines in her role, adding depth to the movie. Her chemistry with Nani is a standout.
– Nani delivers another heartwarming performance. Baby Kiara Khanna is adorable and holds her own alongside the seasoned actors.
– The film’s music and visuals add a lot to the storytelling. The ending is particularly impressive.

What’s Not:
– The initial love story parts feel a bit ordinary. The pacing is slow, taking time to get into the groove.
– Some moments, like a song featuring Shruti Haasan, feel out of place and impact the movie’s flow. The second half loses a bit of coherence.

Tech Specs:
– The music and background score elevates the movie, except for one song that feels unnecessary. Visually, it’s a treat, but the editing could have been tighter.
– Debut director Shouryuv handles emotional scenes well but could’ve worked on pacing.

Hi Nanna is a decent family drama with touching moments. While it might not grip everyone, it’s a good pick for those who enjoy emotional stories. With solid performances and engaging songs, it’s worth a watch if you’re into heartfelt dramas.

Rating: 3/5.