Free Tickets: Salaar 1 AM Show

Nikhil To Give Away 100 Tickets For Salaar 1AM Show in Hyderabad!

Nikhil’s doing something awesome for Prabhas fans! You know that big movie “Salaar” coming out on December 22? Well, there might be a 1 AM show, and Nikhil’s got something special planned.

Even though the movie’s not been hyped up much, Nikhil shared some super cool news for Prabhas fans. He said there’ll be a special 1 AM show at Sriramulu Theater in Hyderabad on the release day.

And guess what? He’s giving away 100 tickets for free to hardcore Prabhas fans! Plus, he’ll be there watching the movie with them. Nikhil’s pretty pumped because this reminds him of a similar experience he had ten years ago watching “Mirchi” at 1 AM in the same theater.

It’s all over the internet now – people are excited!

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