EXTRA: An Ordinary Man’s Journey to Extraordinary

EXTRA: An Ordinary Man’s Journey to Extraordinary

Ordinary Man

Young actor Nithiin stars in the upcoming Telugu comedy film “EXTRA,” directed by Vakkantam Vamsi. The film also stars Sreeleela as the female lead. The film’s tagline is “Ordinary Man,” which suggests that the film will be about an ordinary man who goes on an extraordinary journey.


The trailer for “EXTRA” was released on November 27, 2023. The trailer begins with a kid expressing his desire to be unique and not be bored. His mother believes he has the actor in him. The trailer has a lot of film references, jokes on a lot of issues, and meme references. In his regular Junior actor life, Nithiin waits for a miracle and it happens. The tone of the trailer shifts into action.

The trailer ends on a high note with the entry of Angry Man Dr. Rajasekhar in a cool role. He is seen coming out of jail in prisoner clothes and his entertaining fun banter with Nithiin involving Jeevitha Garu is the highlight of the trailer. His character raises curiosity amongst the audience. Sreeleela looks beautiful. The film is produced by Sudhakar Reddy and Nikitha Reddy under the banners of Shresth Movies, Aditya Movies & Entertainments, and Ruchira Entertainment. The film will be released in theaters on December 8, 2023.

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What to Expect

Based on the trailer, it seems that “EXTRA” will be a lighthearted and entertaining comedy film. The film’s tagline, “Ordinary Man,” suggests that the film will be relatable to audiences. The trailer also features a number of jokes and references that are sure to get a laugh out of audiences.


EXTRA” looks like a promising new Telugu comedy film. The film’s trailer is sure to get audiences excited for its release on December 8, 2023.

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