Can Operation Valentine Avoid Fighter’s Flop?

Operation Valentine: Hero Takes Aim Despite “Fighter” Risk

Mega hero Varun Tej is ready to launch “Operation Valentine” on March 1st, marking the third attempt at releasing this film. With its trailer dropping soon and early praise for its emotional depth, anticipation is building. But the shadow of another recent release looms large: “Fighter,” starring Hrithik Roshan and Deepika Padukone, tackled the same subject – the Pulwama attack and the Indian Air Force’s response. Did “Fighter”‘s lukewarm reception create a “risk” for “Operation Valentine”?

Varun Tej doesn’t shy away from the comparison. “We were aware of ‘Fighter’s’ content while filming,” he told However, he avoids commenting on “Fighter”‘s emotional impact, acknowledging its box office success. His hope lies in “Operation Valentine”‘s distinct approach: “I’m confident the emotional drive will resonate with audiences and lead to success.”

Tej’s commitment shines through. Despite knowing another big-budget movie covered the same event, he stuck to his belief in “Operation Valentine”‘s potential. This dedication sets him apart, showcasing his faith in the project and its unique perspective.

The question remains: Can “Operation Valentine” carve its own path in the wake of “Fighter”? Only time will tell. But Tej’s unwavering belief and the early praise for the film’s emotional core suggest it might just win hearts, even in a crowded field.


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