Bigg Boss Telugu: Ashwini & Rathika Evicted!

Bigg Boss Telugu: Ashwini & Rathika Evicted! The Double Elimination Shocks Fans

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 is heading towards its finale, and the competition is getting tougher by the week. The show, hosted by Nagarjuna, has been entertaining the viewers with its twists and turns, drama and emotions, tasks and fights, and of course, eliminations. Last week, there was no elimination, but the host announced that there would be a double elimination this week. Eight contestants were nominated for eviction, and two of them had to bid farewell to the house.

The nominated contestants were Shivaji, Prashant, Yavar, Arjun, Rathika, Ashwini, Gautham, and Amardeep. Among them, Shivaji, Prashant, and Yavar were considered strong contenders, while Arjun, Gautham, and Amardeep had a loyal fan base. Rathika and Ashwini, on the other hand, were seen as weak players, who did not contribute much to the show. Rathika had already been eliminated once, but she got a chance to re-enter the house based on the audience votes. Ashwini was a wildcard entry, who joined the show in the ninth week.

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According to the latest reports, Rathika and Ashwini are the ones who have been eliminated in the double elimination. Ashwini is said to have been evicted in Saturday’s episode, while Rathika will follow her in Sunday’s episode. Both of them received the least number of votes from the viewers, and their fate was sealed.

Ashwini and Rathika’s elimination does not come as a surprise, as they were not very popular among the fans. Ashwini, who is a singer and actress, failed to impress the audience with her personality and performance. She was often seen as timid and submissive, and did not take a stand for herself or others. She also self-nominated herself this week, which might have affected her chances of survival. Rathika, who is a model and actress, was also criticized for her gameplay and attitude. She was accused of being fake and manipulative, and of playing the sympathy card. She also did not perform well in the tasks, and did not mingle with the other housemates.

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The double elimination has left the house with only six contestants, who will compete for the title of Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 winner. The remaining contestants are Shivaji, Prashant, Yavar, Arjun, Gautham, and Amardeep. Who do you think will make it to the finale? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below. And stay tuned for more updates on Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7.