BCD Travel Careers, Work from Home Jobs in India

Parikshith Reddy
BCD Travel work from home jobs

Are you looking for work from home jobs? BCD Travel is a global corporate travel management company that offers a variety of work from home jobs in India. One of the most popular work from home jobs at BCD Travel is the Travel Associate role.

BCD Travel work from home jobs
BCD Travel work from home jobs (Travel Associate)

Travel Associate Responsibilities:
Customer Assistance: Travel Associates interact with clients to understand their travel needs and preferences, provide information, answer inquiries, and offer recommendations on destinations, accommodations, transportation, and activities.
Booking and Reservations: Travel Associates are responsible for making travel bookings and reservations on behalf of clients, including booking flights, hotels, rental cars, cruise packages, and other travel-related services.
Itinerary Planning: Travel Associates create detailed travel itineraries that outline the client’s trip, including flight details, accommodation information, daily schedules, and any pre-booked activities or tours.
Documentation and Compliance: Travel Associates assist clients with necessary travel documentation, such as passports, visas, and travel insurance. They also ensure that clients are aware of any entry requirements or travel restrictions for their chosen destinations.
Problem Resolution: In the event of travel disruptions, delays, or other issues, Travel Associates work to resolve problems and assist clients in making alternate travel arrangements. They may also provide emergency support if clients encounter issues while abroad.

12 Pass, UG, or any graduate degree
3-5 years of experience in a customer service or travel-related role
Excellent customer service skills
Good understanding of popular travel destinations, attractions, and local culture
Strong verbal and written communication skills
Strong organizational skills and attention to detail
Proficiency in using booking and reservation systems, as well as various travel-related software and websites

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Benefits of Working from Home Jobs at BCD Travel

There are many benefits to working from home jobs at BCD Travel, including:

Flexibility to work your own hours
Ability to work from anywhere in India
Reduced commuting costs
Improved work-life balance
Access to state-of-the-art technology and resources

How to Apply for a Work from Home Jobs at BCD Travel

To apply for a work from home job at BCD Travel, you can visit the company’s website and search for jobs with the keyword “work from home”. You can also create a profile and submit your resume on the website.


If you are interested in a career in travel and want to enjoy the flexibility of working from home, BCD Travel is a great option to consider.

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